Three Ways to Promote Healthy Eating in Your Wellness Program

Three Ways to Promote Healthy Eating in Your Wellness ProgramA sound wellness program encourages employees to live an overall healthier lifestyle, and can help control health care costs for your organization. According the Department of Labor, wellness programs have many benefits, including the potential to promote healthy behaviors and provide opportunities to improve employees’ health knowledge and skills, among others.

Healthy employees are more productive and less likely to call in sick, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With March being National Nutrition Month®, now is a good time to think about ways you can promote healthy behaviors. One way to do this is to integrate healthy eating tips into your wellness program. Here are a few ideas your organization can use to encourage employees to eat healthily, both at work and at home:

  • Provide healthy snacks
    Offer choices of fresh fruits and vegetables in the break room or cafeteria to encourage employees to reach for a health snack, rather than a treat from a vending machine.
  • Have healthy foods at company functions
    Provide healthy menus at company lunch meetings, seminars and professional development events. A sample menu could include sandwiches, fruits and a salad.
  • Share nutritious recipes
    Ask employees to send you their favorite healthy recipes and then share them on your company intranet and bulletin board. You can supplement employee recipes with some of your own favorites to ensure a well-rounded offering.

What are you doing to promote healthy eating habits in your wellness program? If you’re looking for wellness program ideas, or would like to launch a wellness program at your organization, the AssuredPartners NL employee benefit team can help. To learn more, visit: AssuredPartners NL Employee Benefits.

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