Tips to Prepare for a Cyber Security Disaster

Senior LivingThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) advised earlier this year that long-term care providers should incorporate cyber security into their emergency preparedness plans. Providers can benefit by adopting an “all-hazards approach” to alleviating cyber attacks. According to CMS, the all-hazards approach will allow providers to “focus on a full spectrum of emergencies or disasters.” Keep these tips in mind when creating an action plan:

  • Have administration review policies and procedures related to cyber attacks.
  • Train staff to understand when electronic systems need to be shut down and guidelines for notifying federal and state officials.
  • Retrain staff to use non-electronic documentation methods.
  • Have contact information for residents pre-programmed into your fax machine in the event that you cannot access computers.
  • Encourage staff to familiarize themselves with the Paper Medication Administration Record (MAR) process.

Cyber security threats are becoming more prominent and the healthcare industry is a top target for criminals. Having a disaster plan in place will help address the resident care disruptions that can take place in the event of a successful attack. For assistance on preparing a cyber security disaster plan for your community, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL Senior Living agent.

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