Top 5 Life Safety Code Citations

Senior LivingHealthcare facilities all over the U.S. are receiving annual life safety code audits. Upholding a safe environment for residents and staff is of the utmost importance for skilled nursing facilities. Although this is important, very few facilities are found to be deficiency-free. To avoid citations, systems need to be put in place that maintenance managers and administrators can use to monitor if required tasks are completed, ensure that steps are followed and documented and review historical data to identify frequent failures.

Below are the most frequent life safety citations issued to senior living communities and what administrators and maintenance directors can do to prevent them in their facilities.

  • Electrical Wiring & Equipment: Electrical wiring needs to be in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 70 National Electrical Code.
  • Generator Inspection and Load Testing: In order to maintain optimal generator performance, you need quality equipment, good design, regular maintenance and inspections. NFPA 99 requires that generators need to be tested under a load for 30 minutes.
  • Door Construction and Exit Accessibility: It is very important that the construction of doors allows for people to exit the facility safely. Common problems include gaps in doors as they age, improper latches and obstructions like doorstops.
  • Fire Drills and Emergency Preparedness: Regularly monitor fire safety equipment and abide by NFPA 72 to ensure that fire alarm systems are testing at the correct frequencies.
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance: Automatic sprinkler systems will be tested during an audit. All sprinklers must be in accordance with NFPA 13. Check for proper installation and functioning.

It can be challenging aiming for a citation-free survey but the payoff can be significant. Having zero citations is beneficial for the safety of residents and staff and it improves reputation. For more information on survey preparation, contact an AssuredPartners NL Senior Living agent.

Sources: NFPA, McKnight’s

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