Tornado Preparation Tips

Tornado Preparation InsuranceTornadoes are nature’s most violent storms, causing devastating effects within seconds. While we often think of tornadoes occurring in the spring, it’s not the only season when tornadoes occur.  The fall is a popular time for tornadoes due to the strong cold fronts and low pressure systems.  Here are some tips to prepare for one of these storms:

  • Build an emergency kit
  • Make a family communication plan
  • Build a safe room in your basement, above a concrete slab-on-grade foundation or garage floor, or in an interior room on the first floor that is tolerable to wind pressure and can resist penetration by windborne objects and falling debris
  • If you hear a tornado siren, go to your safe room or seek shelter as soon as possible; tornadoes can strike quickly with little or any warning

Tornadoes typically occur between 3 and 9 p.m., though they can happen at any time. Make sure you are adequately protected with homeowners insurance in the event that your home or property is struck by a tornado or other natural disasters. To learn more about preparing for a tornado, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (888) 702-0901.

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