Understanding Telematics Devices

Personal LinesYou may be asking yourself, what is a telematics device? A telematics device is a system that can be installed in your car that records data about your driving habits, such as number of miles you drive, your speed, and how quickly you brake. Telematics devices are small enough to fit in your palm and you can install it yourself, under the dashboard near your steering column.

The biggest benefit to installing a telematics device in your vehicle is that it helps your insurance company reward you for being a safe driver. Safe drivers avoid hard stops, traveling late at night, and moving at high speeds. Those who put fewer miles on their vehicles per day can also qualify for discounts. Another perk of installing this device is helping you to be more cognizant of your driving. The less hard stops and burst of acceleration you avoid, the better your fuel economy.

Telematics devices may seem daunting if you don’t practice safe driving, but for those who do drive safely, you may be eligible for car insurance discounts and the perks of saving a few hard-earned dollars each month. Even if the data shows that your driving habits are poor, you will not be penalized with a higher premium. To learn more about installing a telematics device or lowering your car insurance premium, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (844) 507-2528.

Source: PropertyCasualty360

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