What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

What is pollution liability insurance?With Earth Day around the corner, April is a great time to think about protecting your business from potential fallout from environmental-related incidents by adding pollution liability insurance to your policy. Pollution liability insurance, also known as environmental liability insurance, is usually not included in your general liability policy. This type of insurance protects businesses of all sizes, from small manufacturers or contractors to major conglomerates, from dangerous or toxic environmental exposures including chemicals, petroleum based products, lead, asbestos, mold, silica and more.

So why should you add pollution liability insurance to your policy? According to Chubb, pollution liability insurance can help protect your organization against legal indemnities, divestiture issues or accidents. This type of insurance provides first party and third party cleanup along with bodily injury and property damage caused by pollutants. 

Simply put, pollution liability insurance is another good way of limiting your organization’s exposures. Unintentional acts of pollution could result in bodily injury, property damage or lawsuits from the Environmental Protection Agency which would not be covered by traditional General Liability Policies.

With much of the world’s attention focused on environmental accidents and regulations, it’s a smart investment to add pollution liability insurance to your policy so that your business is protected in the event of a toxic chemical spill or your operations cause the release of a toxic substance.

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