What AssuredPartners NL Can Do for You: Inspecting Losses and Claims

What AssuredPartners NL Can Do for You: Inspecting Losses and Claims

When a fire, car accident, serious injury or other complex coverage issue occurs, it can be a confusing and emotional time. It’s important to initiate the claim process as soon as possible, but where do you start? Reporting your claim directly to your insurance carrier can expedite the process, and begin to move toward closure to the issue. At AssuredPartners NL, our claims team can help navigate you through the claim process, and act as your advocate when working with insurance companies.  

When you notify us of a claim, we work with you to inspect losses and evaluate the situation. If the situation warrants, we’ll come onsite, and work either with or without an insurance carrier representative to inspect the claim. If needed, we’ll suggest a contractor or other vendors to evaluate damage and assist in the claim process. This could include property damage, serious injury or fatality.

When a claim situation arises, it’s especially important to be prepared and keep good records. Get contact information for everyone that you speak with, take notes on your conversations, and keep all associated paperwork together in a folder. Taking pictures and/or videos can also be helpful to document the loss. These steps can help you be more prepared and feel confident about the claims process. The AssuredPartners NL claims team is here to help and answer your questions, and provide support throughout the entire process. We work with you to try to get a favorable outcome for the claim.

If you have questions about an existing claim, or are looking for advice, our team of dedicated claims specialists can help. To learn more about AssuredPartners NL claims resources, or to contact the claims department, visit: AssuredPartners NL Claims.

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