What to Do After a Hit and Run

PL - What to Do After a Hit and RunWhen you’re involved in a car accident, typically all parties involved stop to survey the damage and report the incident to police. But what if the person who caused the accident doesn’t stop and instead chooses to drive away? If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, take the following steps in order to increase the likelihood of the police catching the driver who hit your car:

  • Gather as much information as possible about the car that hit you, including the color, make, model and license plate number
  • Call the police to report the incident
  • Look around to see if there were any witnesses. If so, ask for their contact information
  • Write down the time and location
  • Take pictures of your car

Collecting this information will also help your insurance company make decisions concerning your claim. To verify your policy includes uninsured motorist coverage, contact a trusted AssuredPartners NL agent at (888) 702-0901.

Source: Department of Motor Vehicles

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