What You Need To Know About Vitamin D

Wellness - Vitamin DWithout vitamin D, bones become weak and thin, especially in older age. High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, and other deficiencies can be caused as a result. Recently, the FDA updated the nutrition labeling requirements for food products, including a change to labeling vitamin D content because a significant number of people do not get enough of this vital vitamin. Manufacturers have two years to modify their labels to accurately represent vitamin D and other nutrition contents.

Vitamin D can be found in certain foods, such as fish, eggs and milk, but our bodies also produce it after direct exposure to UV rays, giving it the name “sunshine vitamin.” You should be exposed to direct sunlight without sunscreen for 5-30 minutes between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at least twice a week.

Since it is difficult to get a sufficient amount in a regular diet, spending a little time in the sun or taking a daily multivitamin prove to be good substitutes. Encourage your employees to take a walk outdoors on their break to get some vitamin D while at work. To learn more about incorporating healthy habits at work for your employees, contact an AssuredPartners NL Health & Productivity Manager.

Source: Zywave

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