Why Employees with Multiple Jobs are a Greater Risk

Property & Casualty Did you know that individuals with more than one job have an increased risk of injury at work and outside of work? It is not out of the ordinary to have more than one job in today’s society with the business landscape changing.

According to a new study produced by The Liberty Institute for Safety’s Center for Injury Epidemiology, “Compared with single job holders, multiple job holders have 27 percent and 34 percent higher rates of work and non-work-related injuries, even when working the same number of weekly hours.”

On average, multiple job holders worked 2.25 to 2.75 additional hours per day, worked odd hours, had longer commutes and had 45 minutes to an hour less sleep per day than single job holders. With more hours spent at work, it is no surprise that these individuals spend less time at home and on leisure activities. Spending more time at work and less time at home and on leisure activities can result in heightened risk of fatigue which increases the likelihood of injury.

These findings can cause implications for workers compensation, disability, and other lines of property/casualty insurance coverage. How do you determine exactly from which job the injury occurred and where to bill disability and workers compensation claims? There have been cases where an employee working for “Employer A” is being compensated for their lost wages because they are injured and can no longer work for “Employer B.”

Consider this—if an employee is injured while working for you and cannot work their second job, you may be liable for extra lost time wages. This increases the cost of the claim and causes the employer’s future insurance cost to rise even more. To learn more about this topic and what can be done to prevent the risk of work injury, contact AssuredPartners NL’s Property & Casualty team.

Sources: Insurance Journal, Liberty Institute for Safety’s Center for Injury Epidemiology

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