Why Senior Living Communities are Going Green

Senior LivingNot only do senior living communities want to go green for the environment and the economic savings, the residents want to go green as well. Going green is becoming the new norm and will become the standard in the future.   Seniors who live in green communities enjoy the environmentally-friendly buildings as they offer airy spaces, with natural light and furniture that uses less toxic materials.

Energy efficient communities are becoming so desirable to the baby boomer generation that there is more demand than there is supply; some communities have five-year waiting lists. What is all of the hype? These facilities offer many benefits. Carbon footprints are reduced energy and water saving initiatives, including geothermal heating and low-flow toilets help save money.

Although it can be expensive for senior living communities to get started going green, it is an overall investment to save in the long run. Residents benefit with lower rent and reduced energy costs for those who pay their own utilities.

If your organization is interested in going green  or updating your building to become more energy efficient, AssuredPartners NL offers special programs and financing options to help with your efforts. To learn more, contact an AssuredPartners NL Senior Living agent.

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